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Teaching Grammar-Simply

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"Words put together so as to make sense form what is called a sentence, and this is Lesson One in the study of grammar"- Charlotte Mason

In a Charlotte Mason homeschool, the introduction to formal grammar lessons are delayed until the student is in the fourth or fifth grade. Up until now, grammar lessons are happening every day during home conversations.

When children hear proper use of language in their younger years, improper usage will be caught by your child. The reading of good literature, hearing parents converse, and frequent talks with your child is the best teacher at this age.

When your child misuses grammar, simply remind him of how he should speak.

"Honey, the plural of deer is deer, not deers". Simple.

I have played many grammar games with my children. This is how I did it: I would place a child in front of me in a chair. I tell the student, "I am going to say two sentences, one is using correct grammar, the other isn't...stand up when you hear the CORRECT sentence."

They have so much fun with this. Some of the improper sentences I use make them laugh.

My favorite grammar book for grades 4 and up is: Primary Language Lessons

The lessons are short, in keeping with Charlotte Mason's "short lessons with absolute attention".

This is a small, hardcover book. I have owned my copy for 7 years and still find it superior to other grammar curriculum I have found.

This little powerhouse books contains:

  • Picture study

  • Copywork

  • Observation lessons

  • Composition

  • Conversation lessons

  • poetry memorization

  • Oral composition (narration)

  • Letter writing

  • Dictation

  • Punctuation instruction

I have found this book to be wonderful as a first formal introduction to grammar. 164 lessons will complete your school year. As a teacher, I required complete attention on each lesson and excellent work. No rushing. Each lessons builds upon formally gained knowledge.

Too often parents allow the television or media to train their children in the area of speech. I very rarely watch the news. I choose to read news stories instead of watch on television. I have noticed a major decline in spelling and grammar in written articles. Have you? I seem to catch them all the time!

If you are a mom that feels like your own grammar skills can use some " brushing up" then start there! Teach yourself...I have found reading a wide variety of books often will correct grammar skills in mothers. Listen to older audiobooks while you are doing chores around the house. Here is a free resource with Classic literature to enjoy: LibriVox

It really is as simple as "feeding" yourself good words and proper sentence structuring. Soon, you will hear something and know it isn't correct...

Teaching grammar really can be natural ....


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