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Raising Toddlers While Homeschooling

My daughter and I

Raising Toddlers While Homeschooling

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When you are called to homeschooling, you are called to spin a lot of plates at once! I always imagine myself literally keeping everything in motion at home. Moms are able to do this! We are amazing creatures, ladies! Your job is Holy. Always remember that!

I currently have a 15 year old, 14 year old, 12 year old, 10 year old, 5 year old, and 2 year old. My duties are quite ranging. I have been homeschooling through many toddlers and you know what... I used to think it was a hassle! I thought I would never get through our lessons with a two year old at my feet "bothering" us. If you are in that stage, let me encourage you!

Goals and Objectives in Toddler hood:

They are PRECIOUS!!!

Bundles of possibilities are what they are. They are not a burden or a bother. When is the last time you imagined YOURSELF as a toddler? Imagine waking up and being your toddler. Do you know what your supposed to do? Is there some routine set up so she knows what to do? Or does she get into trouble because she doesn't know what to do? So often we forget what it's like from their view point. So try this activity. Routines help toddlers. Our goal is smooth and easy days in toddler hood. We have to set up a few tools to help them! I love all toddlers and children in general so much! My reason for speaking up and blogging is for them! I want to help as many children as possible. Our family sees possibility in every child. If I can ever help YOU directly or you need encouragement please comment below or reach out to me!

Homeschooling with toddlers...It's a joy

Look at her face!!! She is soaking in every word and image!

I can honestly say, after 6 children, I am still in awe of all that they are. A gift to be adored not left to occupy themselves. When you plan your homeschooling year, plan for them! We don't promote screen use for children. These things have helped me SO much:

  • Spend the first half hour with your toddler before you even start homeschooling

  • Get a basket of toys or handicrafts that are only allowed during school time, they look forward to that basket of "rare" toys.

  • Routines, routines, routines. Not rigid but some type of structure will honestly help you. Start with a morning routine and set blocks of time leading until nap time. Please remember I am not suggesting a strict schedule, but a routine.

  • Schedule older children to occupy your toddler while you work one on one with a certain older student. For math or maybe dictation? When your attention must be on the subject at hand, ask an older child to play with your toddler until the lesson is finished. If you just have an older child and toddler schedule one on one lessons during toddler naps. Some seasons of homeschooling are like this. Every year is different.

  • Regular meal times and clean up times. My habit is to clean up as soon as we are finished eating. When I first became a home manager, this was not my habit. Now, I have a child scheduled to help me for breakfast clean up, lunch clean up, and dinner. I oversee the process and guide them. My toddler girl helps sweep, puts away spoons, and fold clean rags. Promoting a habit of cleanliness will make your home run much more smoothly. Homeschooling in a mess is chaotic and difficult for teacher and student. You are teaching so much

  • Nap times/quiet times. Children need naps and quiet times. Its good to be bored sometimes! I recently talked to an older gentlemen, he told me as a child he has fond memories of laying in bed daydreaming of what he would do the next day. A habit of rest is another goal. I've had sweet momma friends tell me they have stopped nap times at 2! Oh no! Toddlers need a daily pause and so do we! Plan for naps and quiet times. Unless you have a pressing lesson that needs to happen during naps...Please rest...I rest during this time then wake up and start dinner.

Weekly shopping trip. She loves hats and talking to everyone!

Take your toddler with you. Restaurants, grocery stores, and retail stores are great training place. We want our toddlers exposed to people of all types. I am happy to see my children serving all types of people and learning from them. My children abide in my sheltered garden but I bring them out often to interact with the world and serve others. It starts when they are little. I want to raise servant leaders.

Homeschooling with little toddlers is all about training them to obey you. Once they know your word means something, homeschooling is much easier.

I want to touch more on having a toddler morning time before the older children require your attention. How about a morning basket? Maybe with a few books, sticker books, poetry or simple craft. Reading to them during this time is my top priority. They snuggle with you, they need the personal touch. Look at them deeply. I sometimes make the mistake of looking past them, I was convicted about that years ago. Look into their eyes and love them before the busy day begins. I am planning a long detailed post of my morning routine with toddlers and a Kindergarten student.

Enjoy your toddler...they are a gift....


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