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Our Outdoor Hour...The Story

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

I have been sitting behind a desk for the last few weeks. Sitting in my office with PILES of nature study book sitting about me. I found out things I never knew like...Why do Moths fly toward light? I found out Moths do not particularly LIKE the light, however, since they are guided by the moon they are confused by artificial light. It's interesting to me that I have gone my entire life ( I am 38 now ) never knowing why every evening our outside lantern is covered in Moths.

Growing up, I was always outside. My parents nicknamed me "Elly May" because I was always bringing "critters" home. My first job was in a veterinarian's office. I was the only one that volunteered to be with the animals on Christmas Eve and keep their cages clean. I still remember my father dropping me off that morning.

I was quiet as a child and didn't talk much but watched everything. Animals/Nature have always been my friend. I am still amazed that God brought me to a place of blogging. I've always been "Quiet Jenny" and "Elly May".

When it comes to nature and the getting our children outdoors, it's hard for me to be quiet. My mission in life is to reform education for ALL. Yes, I am a homeschool mom but I care about other children besides just my own. I care about that little boy stuck in a classroom in Scotland that has a hard time sitting still and is being told he isn't smart. I care about little girls that are being robbed of their childhood by early intervention in a government program.

My heart KNOWS there is a better way and I believe, I truly DO, that nature study is the place to start.

Children NEED to be outside as much as they need food. They need to watch ants march, touch a flowing stream, and play in dirt.

You know what? Moms need it, too. Studies show a STRONG increase in depression/anxiety among parents/mothers like never before. What has changed so dramatically in the last ten years? We have more "stuff" than ever before. We have the ease of your bills with the click of a button. Christmas shopping? Hope over to Amazon. What's missing? Moments!!! Life IS about moments. I truly feel like the missing KEY in lives today are...moments...moments outside.

Outside is a special place. Moms, you can leave your housework behind. Leave your "working life" and get you did when you were little. I am encouraging mothers this year to BE outside with their children IN nature. Make a life of MOMENTS. Not clicks.

I wrote this guide "Our Outdoor Hour" for you. At first the name was "The Outdoor Hour" until I started thinking..."This is for moms too, it should be OUR Outdoor Hour". So, that's the name!

Today, we started week 1-seed study. We went outside and found 3 different types of seeds. Some were in seed "packages" some were attached to cotton and could easily fly in the wind to be replanted.

As we go through this year, I hope to be of help to you. I am not a sales lady and never will be! I am a servant and I'm here to serve. We are the stewards of THIS generation. Right now, we are carrying the education touch. Our words, actions, and what we do make a difference. Lets steward it well...

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