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New homeschool mom: 5 Books YOU Should Read This Year!

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

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5 Books New Homeschool Moms Should Read

When I first started homeschooling I look back and think of how much I didn't know...

With a passion in my heart and a mission in my mind I started homeschooling and trusted God with my journey. Along the way, amazing resources and books have been instrumental in forming my own personal philosophy of education. I recommend ALL homeschool moms to come up with their own philosophy of education. Research, research, and research more. Become a student yourself and dig for truth.

Once you dig for your own convictions, I promise those roots will run deep and no one ( not even hard days ) will talk you out of homeschooling.

I fear a lot of mothers give up so quickly simply because they have never became students themselves and developed deep, unshakable convictions.

Over the years, I began disciplining myself to learn. I sought out (older) mothers that raised successful adults. My mother did not home educate me. I have a terrific mother that worked very had in the corporate world and taught me to work hard.

Still, my mother did not homeschool a large group of children and manage a household all at the same time. So, I looked for someone who did.

Many times God put older, experienced women into my life that mentored me. These women did manage a home and home education at the same time. I admire and look up to these women.

Do you have someone in your life you admire that will help you? I believe this is critical in the homeschool years... there are days that are just rough!

One piece of advice one of my mentors told me was, "It takes real wisdom to manage a home". I will never forget that! She was a mother of 10 children, all of whom are very successful authors, professionals, etc.

She taught me to set up "systems" in my house and to re-evaluate those systems quarterly. Just recently we had to change our schedule, cleaning routine...everything because our summer plan was no longer working. I hope to do a video soon on our new system that is working and providing me time to read and research.

There are a few books that have REALLY helped me these last ten years. I wish I would have known these books existed from day 1! Full disclosure: These are NOT all Charlotte Mason books BUT they are homeschool/education books that will give you vital information that you need as you homeschool your children in the next 8-12 years.

1. For The Children's Sake

This is the eye-opening book I first read that changed my mind about education. Highly recommended.

2. The Well-Trained Mind

This book is a guide to Classical Education. A step by step book with grade by grade recommendations. Also tips on college and transcripts. Even with my Charlotte Mason homeschool, I still implement some of the recommendations in this book and WISH I would have had it at the beginning. My mind was expanded after I read this book. We all should strive to form children with " A Well-Trained Mind".

3. Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler's Guide to Unshakable Peace

This book is exactly what it states...a guide to peace. This is what we need in our homeschools. This book will quiet your heart and focus your mind.

4. A Charlotte Mason Companion

I can't say enough about this GEM! If I would have read this book before I started homeschooling, I would have saved our family $2,000.00 I am not kidding! I spent that much on curriculum our first year homeschooling because I tried to replicate a "school" at home. Sheesh! This book is for you to sit back and enjoy while learning a whole lot! I still re-read this every fall.

5. Pocketful of Pinecones: Nature Study with the Gentle Art of Learning

A wonderful read-aloud about nature study. You will learn about nature in a captivating story...I would love for every one of YOU to read this story this winter!

I hope this book resources will be next to your bed side this fall and winter and you feel confident in your decision to home educate your children! Blessings!

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