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My First Tree Book

Tree Adoption

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A Charlotte Mason education is unique in the fact that the students form relationships with the object of study. Charlotte Mason believed children were "educated by their intimacies". Another way to look at it is, children are educated by what they love and are close to.

Consider this Charlotte Mason quote

“The child who learns his science from a text-book, though he go to Nature for illustrations, and he who gets his information from object-lessons, has no chance of forming relations with things as they are, because his kindly obtrusive teacher makes him believe that to know about things is the same thing as knowing them personally...” (Vol. 3 p. 66)

My Kindergarten student and "his" tree!

The first time I heard " children are educated by their intimacies" I thought, "that's true!" I never thought of it before then. Charlotte Mason believed one way to study nature is for our children to adopt a tree.

The Method

  • Encourage your child to pick out a tree he/she loves in your backyard or in the neighborhood.

  • Read about the tree that is chosen. What kind of tree is it? How old may it be?

  • Ask your child to draw an initial picture of his tree he adopted

  • Keep track of changes in the tree from season to season and draw those changes in your "tree book".

The Tree Book

Our tree book

I decided to use a three hole punch and twine to put together our little book. I intend for this to be a long time keepsake and memories of our first year homeschooling our son.

The inside pages contain:

Four pages for Autumn, Winter, Spring and Fall

You can also place these pages into a binder for a sturdier/protected book. I use binders for EVERYTHING! I love using them for nature journals or anything outdoors because of the waterproof quality!

To Download the Tree Book download FREE click here

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