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I've been there...and I don't want you going there

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

I truly care....

Mother Culture...just for you!

When I first started homeschooling I had no clue about a lot of things. I didn't know what was really important, I spent way too much money, and I gave zero thought to planning for myself.

Homeschool moms are the most selfless people I know. I've seen homeschool moms "work" when they are exhausted, never get a lunch break, and teach while they are sick on the couch. I've done all of those things, and I'm planning to do it all over again this year.

The one big change in my year is: I am planning for me. Mother Culture will be planned or else I know it won't happen.

I used to starve myself emotionally and would give, give, give until I had nothing left. The problem with that is we can't feed our children emotionally if we are empty.

I remember sooo many days that I would go from one child to the next. Then my "rest" times were spend cleaning or trying to catch up. Then it's time to make dinner...

The next day it would all happen again and I would slowly feel "empty".

You know why? I felt selfish taking any time for myself. I felt like I was wasting my time if I took time to read or go on a walk alone.

I know I say this a lot but, there is something about homeschooling that stretches every part of your being. It's hard and worth it.... I think of homeschooling like a Spiritual boot camp!

I've seen such ( and continue ) to see beautiful things in the hard days.

For some reason when I started out I didn't even think of it. I remember sitting down and perfectly planning everything out. The schedule looked great! Every single slot was filled. 8:00-8:30 MATH 9:00:930 LITERATURE

My day continued like that. It wasn't the schedule that was bad, it was the zero time to sit and decompress and talk to adults part that was missing.

When you live in a state of re-activeness instead of living proactive, it wears on every cell of your body.

I lived like that for 3 years :( I was ragged, exhausted, house was difficult to manager because I couldn't give myself anymore. A mother's job description is always changing! I would just get to a new routine and then a new baby would come along or a new season of teaching a little one to read and everything was thrown off. Although those days are blurry I remember the moments. You know what I mean? Sometimes you don't remember the exact date of an event but you remember the moments. Life is all made up of moments.

When I started this new mission to help homeschoolers world wide, I knew making "Mother Culture" a priority IS MY PRIORITY.

I started a website for you.

I made a new planner for you. ( free )

I really do care about you...your children...

So, here is what I'm offering a Mother Culture Planning Binder.

What is it?

Printable pages to build your own book. Some of my planners are editable, and this one may be editable SOME day but for today it is just a printable. I want you to take time to write in it. Make plans. I remember as a teenage girl I had cool planners to write in. ( like 1990's ish... I'm 37)

Here's what you get:

  • Binder

  • Spine covers

  • Month to Month Planning Pages

  • MOST important are: Letter to yourself, letter to yourself on HARD days ( this saved me many times), write down all the things you love...Please do this activity for you. Make some coffee, sit down and write it down! I had to think through a lot of these and through this activity I felt my soul unwind.

  • A booklist for YOU. Take time to practice self-study and model it for your children. I am a huge advocate for this. That is the whole reason I opened the membership of Charlotte mason Moms...

How to assemble:

I use different color binders for each one. This one would look neat in a plain white binder or a pink, teal binder.

Get one with a clear cover and put the printables in. For a sturdier binder print the cover on cardstock. That's it! A free way to organize :)

Print your binder here

Have you seen our fall bundle???

The Enchanted Kindergarten is included in the bundle...!!!

61 pages of plans that include a living book schedule, poetry schedule and much more! The Enchanted Kindergarten was designed to meet the attainments from Charlotte Mason for children of 6. Print that here

This is the lowest price this guide has ever been...get it now with all the extra freebies...The mother binder in the bundle is the editable version that always sells for $19.99.

Fall Bundle here


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