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How I use my Early Years Binder

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Early Years Planner to help you organize the early years

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So many of you have bought this planning kit!!! I am so excited to be on this journey with you! Sit much more is coming!

I wanted to jump on here and explain how I use the binder...

I created this binder as a way to keep track of habits, life skills, and consequences. Predetermined consequences are so vital in child rearing! Children need to know what is expected of them or how will they know what not to do? My parenting days dramatically changed when I started communicating to my little ones what I expect.

Since I follow the teachings of the Bible, I take my job as a parent very seriously. I was convicted as I planned my children's educational year but did not plan for character issues. Character is so much more valuable and important and the early years are the foundation. With all that in mind...I worked on this binder.


  • Cover - You can slip this into the front of a binder with a clear pocket. I buy all of my binders with a clear front pocket and inner pocket like this:

  • Spine covers-You will get 1.5 inch, 2 inch, and 3 inch spine covers for your binder. Slide this into the spine area of your binder, it looks really cute on the shelf! I have a variety of color in my bookshelf because of my binders. I love them!

  • Each Calendar, weekly notes, to-do list, and checklists are editable. You can use these however you choose. I use them for everything specific to my little ones. We have a family binder for the whole family, but this binder is for my two little ones. Currently, my to-do list says, "renew zoo membership". I am potty training my two-year old so I also have "Find new potty training books at library". Things like that are how I use this to-do list.

  • Consequences to behavior. I use a 1, 2, 3 system for negative behavior. I label each consequence with 1 for first instance 2 for second and 3 for final. These consequences have changed how my parenting is. It is SUPER important to go over these with your child. I am training my child to listen the first time that I speak.

  • The important dates list is also for planning for my little ones. I have their dentist appointments, play dates, church activities all listed here. This is been so helpful!

  • 12 month blank calendar. I use this for books we are reading or that I want to get for that month. This area is left mostly blank for your sake. I wanted you to be able to customize this. All blocks are editable!

  • The top 10 habits that are SO important in the early years list. I glance at this list and I'm reminded of what is important in these early years.

  • Handicraft, life skills, habit checklist. I have handicrafts listed based off many lists and recommendations I found for handicrafts for Kindergarten age children. You may type in the notes section whatever you please! I Have found many ideas to fill in these areas.

  • The reward system are cute pretend coupons for children. My five year old LOVES these! In fact, he keeps them in his own little wallet. This is two fold. I am teaching my five year old the habit of responsibility with his coupons. He has to keep track of his "money" and works hard to earn them at the end of the week.

Yay! He worked hard for this!

  • I've included 6 classic poems. Charlotte Mason recommend young children by age 6 to recite poetry.

  • A Psalm is included because Charlotte Mason recommended young children to know a Psalm.

  • 7 beautiful Charlotte Mason quotes...wall art or binder covers...whatever you decide!

  • A Nature study template. I use this to track the areas of study we have covered in nature study. I have identified all areas that are important in the early years and provide a template for you!

  • Copywork. Charlotte Mason's motto: I am, I can, I ought, I will. My child writes in these like coloring pages right now. He colors in the letters.

The best "thing" about this file is: Once you own it, it's yours. You can rework the file in whatever way you decide.

I can't express how much these binders have changed my homeschool life and our family. I finally feel organized and the habit system works!


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