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Free Charlotte Mason Quotes and reminders

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Enjoy these printables, momma!

Our nature table

Is it just me or are these the ultimate CM quotes?

I couldn't pick my favorite so I made my three favorite quotes.

In all honesty these quotes have changed the kind of parent I am, and have changed my child's lives.

Charlotte Mason stressed the importance of habit training in the early years, we all know that, but it's hard work and requires constant dedication on my part. Isn't is easier to let habits just "take care of themselves" as Miss Mason would say?


As moms, I believe surrounding our lives with beauty and "speak to our souls" language helps us walk along this homeschool calling.

Homeschooling is hard work! I've been plodding along almost 10 years this fall. I fall all the time and don't have all the answers but I have found concrete truths to Charlotte Masons methods.

When I first had children, I wasn't a mom long enough to realize how true these quotes are! Now, a mom of teenagers through toddlers, I can endorse and encourage all young mothers to follow her advice. Take the "pains" at working on those habits. I made these printables to remind me. I need help, reminders and encouragement to keep working at child rearing. One day, we will reap the rewards and benefits of our labor!

This website will soon be loaded with phenomenal freebies and nature study helps. I cannot wait to see it all unfold as Charlotte Mason reclaims childhood and encourages mothers through: Narration, Picture study, Poetry, Schedules, Meal times, What to do with babies while your teaching and so much more...

With you in the trenches,

Jennifer@Charlotte Mason Kindergarten

Fellowship with us...

My kindergarten loves uses these as cards, he cut them out and put ribbon through

These are the butterfly gift tags. They were originally created just to be gift tags, however my kindergartner promptly cut them out ( good practice for his hands) and looped twine we had through each hole.

These cute tags could be printed on thick card stock

I love vintage images and vintage paintings. Over the next 3 weeks Charlotte Mason Kindergarten will be unveiling beautiful prints free for a very limited time.


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