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Charlotte Mason's Motto is Good for YOU!

This week I was in the middle of training the habit of attention with my 5 year old when he abruptly said, "I'm done with this book". I could sense what he wanted to do...not finish the book and play with his toys. "Let's work a little bit longer and finish this book sweetie". He leaned back and we finished the book. I was only asked for 3 more minutes of focused attention. Three minutes can feel like an eternity when you're 5 years old. Later in the day, he was given instructions to "draw what you see outside". It is a rare snow day in the middle of Autumn here, I wanted to capture this moment for his nature notebook. "I can't!", he said. That's when I remembered Charlotte Mason's most famous quote, "I am, I can, I ought, I will". In that moment I thought, "Charlotte Mason must have heard so many children say, "I can't". I reminded my 5 year old that he can, in fact, practice a drawing of what he sees. In the end, he finished his drawing of a tree covered in multi-colored leaves and snow at the same time. At the end I told him, "See..YOU ARE, YOU CAN, YOU OUGHT, and YOU WILL". He will hear this mantra from me all of his year of home education.

Spiders are so diligent and focused to finish their webs. Nature is an example of patience.

I like to have quotes and reminders up around my home. I try to memorize one set of quotes and Bible verses per year. To help me, I display words in our home.

I can't even describe how many times I am in a parenting "low" and looking for a quick answer and one of Charlotte Mason's quotes come to mind. Sometimes you don't have time in the middle of a moment to look up advice. I encourage moms to continue their own education and memorize ideas or quotes along the way.

I made this 1 page printable with Charlotte Mason's famous motto "I Am, I Can, I Ought, I Will". The 8" x 10" wall art is perfect to be printed on heavier weight paper or card stock.

Homeschool mom that is having a hard day. Charlotte Mason's motto is for you, too! The other day we had one of those days. Everything seemed to be spiraling downhill. When you mix in 6 children it can become a quick disaster. I had to go shopping because we had no milk, my 2 year old would not fall asleep for her normal nap ( rare for her! ), I still had many subjects to teach to complete our day but I was so tired already.

"I am, I can, I ought, I will" came to my mind. I thought, "this applies to mothers, too!"

I restarted my day and in the spirit of Charlotte Mason completed my day successfully. Sometimes I don't "feel" like doing the next right thing. But after you put one foot in front of the other and just keep going, it gets easier because...we are, we can, we ought and we will!

If you would like to print this wall art for your home click here



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