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Mother Culture July 2019

Mother Culture PLAN July 2019

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I am smack dab in the middle of all things summer!  My kids are catching toads, climbing trees, and swimming.  June seemed to come and go. And I KNOW as soon as July the fourth holiday is over back to school sales will be everywhere!!!  I was at Hobby Lobby this week and saw Christmas stuff being put out!!!  I was NOT ready for that! 

So, as I am getting ready for the next school year I am thinking:  We all need encouragement and refreshment.  I do!!! For me homeschooling is magical, holy, and HARD.  Being equipped ahead of hard days has often times saved my sanity.  There are hard days for homeschool moms. If you ever feel like giving up please reach out to me.  I am here for to help and encourage YOU! 

Our Charlotte Mason Kindergarten group is growing so fast!  God is in this thing and I am watching it in awe!  

​The reason this group EVEN began is because God put the whole idea on my heart early one morning during my prayer time.  I was asking God to show me where to go beyond my own church and family.  Where else can I serve?  The next morning I had an email waiting for me asking me to speak to moms on the early years of a Charlotte Mason education.  This "position" is not one I asked for or applied for ( there were other applicants) yet God landed it in my lap and more importantly in my heart

When God directs me somewhere, I just know.  He directed me here.  I know His voice and have so much peace. 

All of that to say:  Welcome... I truly am glad YOU are here.  I believe every single person/voice in a community are valuable.  We were never called to "do life" alone.  Homeschooling has a way of STRETCHING you. I don't know how else to word it.  Homeschooling shapes YOU.  I never knew that when I started. I never knew homeschooling would change ME.  There are days when you just want to give up.  On those days I want you to remember...God is showing me something and He is making me into something I never knew I'd be.  Something beautiful.  

As moms I feel like encouraging self-education through modeling it to our children is vital.  To encourage readers, we need to read.  As mothers that pour ourselves out to our children on a daily basis we need to be filled. We cannot pour out from empty vessels. The reason I know anything about being empty is because I've been there.  I've been an empty homeschooling mom pouring myself out day to day and forgetting to nurture my own self. The key in that situation is to recognize that.  I have certain planned literal times throughout my day that I make myself stop.  Those times are 11 AM. and 2 PM.  I use those set times to fill myself back up.  There are times I go outside and sit on the porch and just think, times I call someone to chat, or make some coffee and read for a bit.  I need those times and our children need us to take those times.  When mommy is stressed out they feel it. 

I started this monthly mother culture plan as a way to "call" YOU to rest...I feel like it calls us to commit to ourselves as mothers and educators..Join us...

The Charlotte Mason Companion

Starting July 8th the reading begins! Get the book here

Week of July 8th-12th ( Monday - Friday ) Please read Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Chapter one-What Drew Me to a Charlotte Mason Education

Chapter two-A Living God for a Living Education by Dean Andreola

Chapter three-What is Education?

Chapter four-Education is a Science of Relations

Chapter five-Self-Education

As I read through our basic outline I thought, "WOW! We are going to learn so much together as we go through this book!"

Consider this quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes " Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions"

I love it! I love learning and being offered new ideas through books, discussions, and view points. We are living out Charlotte Mason's methods and that is gold to me! I opened a group forum for a community feeling. My prayer is for our group to share our struggles, victories, questions, and lives as we live out Charlotte Mason. I believe Charlotte Mason is much more than an education, it's a lifestyle.

I finally finished the tech. end of the forum and opened a few boards. I will still use the facebook private group and other social media platforms for some discussion but deeper thoughts will rest here on my forum. Feel free to login and share your heart or join the discussions on facebook!

Please join our new forum for Charlotte Mason discussion and book discussion. I am claiming this space as our teacher lounge!

See you over there !


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