Your link text A Summer Strawberry Party!

A Summer Strawberry Party!

Impromptu Strawberry Party

A Summer STRAWBERRY PARTY for my Kindergartner and two year old

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Strawberry two year old

My Kindergartner and I were talking about the nice things that happen in summer. It always goes so fast! I am trying to be purposeful in enjoying the season and moment we are in right now. I have a two year old and five year old that wanted to have a little party to celebrate summer with strawberries. This little impromptu party cost me less than 10 dollars and it made a sweet memory for them.

What we had:

Strawberry ice cream from the grocery store

Sliced strawberries and whipped cream

Pink animal crackers

Pink lemonade to drink

We brought relaxing lavender to the table. I always add nature to our atmosphere...

I went to the dollar store to buy pink plates/cups/cutlery

I printed my strawberry printable pack for quick table decorations and strung a strawberry banner on my chandelier.

They wanted to WHOLE table set. Not just two places. I sat with them :)

My two year old is learning to properly use utensils. Continually working on the habit on cleanliness

We have used this exact same tea set for 4 years ( or longer) We have been very careful with it, hand washed it every time and put it away after use.

Our famous tea set!

My feeling on children using glassware is: They need to! So many times we only give children plastic/paper and they never get to practice with glass. We have learned to be gentle with glass. We DO have breaks every once in a while but not often. Our tea set has not broken once. ( you can get the whole set here) It sits so nice on your counter! I love the little plates that come with the set and 6 cute spoons! It's amazing how much use this set has gotten and still looks new.

As I was setting up this little random party I thought, "Children would get in less trouble and have habit training at home if mothers would plan random parties and fun at home." Too often these days TV, video games, and twaddle take up their days. Mostly, because parents don't want put in the effort to plan. Our little party took very little of my time and resources, but they loved it! I am committed to create fun with my little ones. Celebrate random life :)

Have your own summer strawberry party! Free printable pack. 4 posters, 6 pocket sized cards and four banners

For the banners I cut out each banner and used scissors to cut a small hole at the top to loop ribbon through. Use these however you would like! I hung them from our chandelier.



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