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 Bring CALM and guidance to the early years

The early years of child training are the most important part of a child's life but no one plans for it...We plan booklists, field trips, and fun...but we never plan for foundations...

Children and parents need predetermined consequences before negative behavior even starts... All fields in the planner are editable before printing...

Giving a visual, touchable "reward" for positive habit growth is KEY!  When I came up with these little habit coupons, my five year old worked hard all day at his one habit we are working on, and at the end of the day he said, " Did I earn one of those rewards?"  It melted my heart...he was so genuine and he remembered that I said he would earn a treat with me.  Giving young children a visual reward and prompt is sometimes all they need...

Life skills are an important part of the early years...This is is appropriate for upper early years. EDITABLE NOTES...

Mom, go through these life skills and make plans for this fall.  What do you want to work on with your little ones?  Edit the file first, then print. 

Remind children before you go on errands:

  • What to expect inside the store

  • What kind of people we will see

  • How YOU expect them to act


A handicraft list that is appropriate for the early years...    EDITABLE NOTES SECTION.  I have already started to plan our handicrafts for this year. It is exciting!  I have found a way to make homemade kites for September!  I would have never discovered kite making without taking the time to sit down and plan! ( Kite making post is coming!) 

A nature study template for the early years...This is a simple way to have a guided nature study year.   Find books at the library that correlate with each area of study...Write down your notes and you are set!  I have found these areas of nature study to be foundational in the early years...


A Psalm, six poems, and copywork to go along with Charlotte Mason's list of eighteen goals...We are memorizing these this year.  The poetry builds each month in length

Do you want smooth and easy days??

"The mother who takes pains to endow her children with good habits secures for herself smooth and easy days." ~ Charlotte Mason

It starts with you.  Positive habit training will only happen if you actively pursue training.  Habit training is happening in your home whether you are aware of it or not.  Some habit training is negative.  We teach what we live.  Charlotte Mason said the atmosphere is education.  I hope and pray this planning binder give you some direction but my biggest hope is that you will have smooth and easy days as you are home with your little ones...these days are holy....these days are precious....

51 editable pages total 

Early Years cover

Habit training system

Life skills list

Handicraft list

Copywork page

6 poems

Nature study template

1 Psalm

7 Charlotte Mason Quote wall art...


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