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I have ALWAYS wanted a planner that included early years planning, I've looked on different websites for a place to plan for older children's lessons and for a kindergarten/early years section.  As a busy mom with 6 children, habit training is part of my day just as much as math lessons are!

We started using binders last year to keep our school work organized, it was the BEST thing we did.  Each child had his core schoolwork binder, a nature journal binder and one for afternoon occupations.  One of the best parts of using binders with reprintable pages is, once you have the files you can reprint the file for as many children as you have.  Binders are inexpensive, waterproof and withstand a lot of weathering :)   

The Charlotte Mason  EDITABLE planner binder with early years










What's included: 

  • Binder cover

  • Binder covers for spine

  • Charlotte Mason quote

  • Weekly notes ( reprint these week to week ) 

  • Mother Culture notes ( I am reusing these monthly) 

  • Monthly checklist ( this is for anything on your to-do list) 

  • Supplies list ( for handicrafts, hobbies, library books) The six boxes per page will allow you to use this page repeatedly. 

  • Another general to-do list. 

  • Lessons plans-box style for morning and afternoon.  The afternoon has more areas to fill in because our after lunch hours are much longer. 

  • 2019/2020 important dates.  If your state requires testing, I would add things like that here.  If you are planning oral narration testing for older students, plan it here

  • Narration logs.  My thoughts here:  I wish I had these when my now eldest children were younger.  For the block labeled "sermons" or "inventors"  find books about inventors, read to your child, and ask for a narration.  Write down in this list WHO the inventor was.  You can use this single page as a way to keep records year after year!  With this file, you can keep reprinting! One narration log is green/one is pink 

  • Field trip ideas with hexagons.  Please plan to take your children places! This is one of my favorite part of homeschooling!  My children LOVE to sit with me every fall and plan small trips.  

  • Blank Calendars starting with July-June with hummingbird illustrations.  I love hummingbirds illustrations 

  • Field trip planning with budget breakdown.  We try to keep our field trips mostly free, once per quarter, we pay for field trips.  I've always wanted a place to plan that out. 

  • Password log.  Homeschooling households use some technology.  Here is a place to keep your passwords and usernames. 

  • Teacher/student routine ( very important, I believe routines are more powerful than strict scheduling)  

  • Booklist by child.  Use this area to write down every single book you need this year. After I've got our curriculum, I use this for a library list. 

  • Picture study.  Includes artist name, style, and your notes. I am going to use this notes area for writing what I might need. 

  • Composer study.  Includes composer name, era, and your notes.  I am using this the same way as with picture study. 

  • Booklist by subject.  Use this to plan what books you are using for each subject.  This is AWESOME for teachers of multiple ages.  

  • Family read aloud page.  If you make a goal to read books to your family, you may not reach every single goal, but you will reach more than you would if you didn't plan! 

  • Plays to read list with: title, playwright and notes.  

  • Student reading logs.  Title/author/student review/notes/checkbox

  • Early years planning divider

  • Charlotte Mason quotes  

  • Top 10 habits for the early years list

  • Habit reward ideas.  Children LOVE little rewards!  Think of how you will reward each habit effort.  

  • My SUPER CUTE HABIT coupons. I love these! I love them because they work!  I left the little circle areas empty for you to fill in a reward.  Some ideas are: an Ice cream treat with mom, walk with dad, money, special person on the day, etc.  I will be detailing all of this in later blog posts.  But let me say my kindergarten student loves these. He keeps them in his little wallet! So cute.  I use these for chores also! Once you have this file, you can reprint these coupons as much as you need!

  • Consequences page.  Part of parenting is correcting negative behavior.  It really helps to stay calm with pre-determined consequences for behavior.  Use this with your spouse to come up with a place BEFORE a certain behavior comes up. 

  • Habit planner tracker.  Keep track of when you start habit training and remember the dates you started. 

  • Six poems and a Psalm to memorize in the Kindergarten years.  We will be memorizing these all year at Charlotte Mason Kindergarten. 

  • Handicraft checklist.  Examples of early years handicrafts with notes section. You guys I worked really hard to pinpoint handicrafts we could work on this year with our littles.   

  • Handicrafts plans sheet for your own notes. 

  • Life skills checklist. Examples of life skills in the early years.  This list is not exhaustive, but these are key!  We will work through these are Charlotte Mason Kindergarten. 

  • Life skills plans sheet for your own notes. 

  • A nature study template.  Suggested areas of study. We will use this list at Charlotte Mason Kindergarten.

  • Nature study plan sheet for your own notes. 

  • Two copywork pages with the popular Charlotte Mason motto:  I am, I can, I ought, I will. 

  • Seven Charlotte Mason wall prints with nature scenes. 









All files are sent using PDF format. Most computers have pre-installed Adobe Reader on them, but if your particular laptop, PC, or mobile device does not have a PDF reader of some sort on it, you’ll need one to view the items. Adobe Reader is the most common one and it’s free. 














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