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Memorize Psalm 121 (use whatever version of the Bible you prefer)

Hymn Study for Morning Time: Free Downloads

Amazing Grace   

Amazing Grace Audio on Youtube

It Is Well with My Soul

It is Well with my Soul Audio on Youtube

Whiter Than Snow

Whiter Than Snow Audio on Youtube

Be Thou My Vision

How Great Thou Art

Because He Lives

In the Garden

Take My Life and Let it Be

A Mighty Fortress 

Adeste Fidelis (Oh Come All Ye Faithful)   To memorize in Latin for Christmas



Morning Time Resources

Hi, I'm Jenny...

This booklist contains all the books I

consider "Living books" and important

pieces of American/English literature.

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Morning Time:  A scheduled time in the morning to connect with your children, and learn together.  This is a special time!

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 Charlotte Mason believed the literature we put into the hearts of children should be living books and not twaddle.  When I made our literature booklist for the year I sought out:  Classic children's literature that has been tested and many years, literature with living ideas and encourage imagination, and pieces that are rich with literature. 











America First:  One Hundred Stories from our own History.  

The Very First Americans   (This is a picture book we will read to begin the year)

A living history book I believe Charlotte Mason would approve of! One hundred true history stories.  These stories are captivating to young children and adults alike.  This wonderful book will be our text for History this year.  You can download this entire book FREE here..on public domain

NOTE:  If you are not from America ( some of my readers are from different lands) Please choose a living history book from your region.  If you need help finding one, please reach out to me, I am happy to help.










For an informal Geography year, we are using The Hungry Planet book and an inflatable globe.  I first noticed The Hungry Plant book at a Charlotte Mason convention a few years ago.  This book has captivated my younger and older students.  Each week we will see what the world eats and look for the place on the globe.  I like the inflatable globe to play games and have fun with Geography. The last 3 weeks we will trace the map of the United States to become familiar with the way American "feels". I taught Classical Geography in a classroom of 4 and 5-year-olds...we had so much fun! I can't wait for this year!

NOTE:  This is not meant to be fully read but more or a book to look at pictures and people in different people groups from all over the world. 









Christian Liberty Nature Reader.  Beautiful, short nature stories to build the habit of attention and learn nature stories like..." A Spider Takes a Balloon Ride".  

*The Owl Pellet Dissection activity is informal and a fun exploration of what an owl ate

Owl Pellet Dissection Kit    ( This activity is for week 12, the end of Term 1)

*We will be raising Butterflies in the spring.  More details to come.

How to Raise Monarch Butterflies

Tea Time and Etiquette


I am so excited for our tea times this year.  How special for our children...what memories will be made!  Etiquette and manners are becoming a lost art. How important are manners and etiquette?  I believe character training is more important than even academics.  What good is academics if our children cannot be polite?  This year we will have schedule tea times with lessons and reading selections from Everyday Graces-A Child's Book of Good Manners. 







Most Common Latin Words Download

Attainment#16 and #17 are:  " To name 20 common objects in French, and say a dozen little sentences". 

Instead of learning French, we are learning Latin words and a Latin song.  The root language of French is Latin.  Many scientific names are in Latin.  In Charlotte Mason's day, Latin was commonly taught.  I believe learning a little Latin this year will benefit our children and fulfill our language attainments. 

Latin song:  Oh Come All ye Faithful in English and Latin.  


We are using MEP Math Reception.  This is a free program with free downloads.  I will be mapping this year out in the curriculum schedule and talking more about this in detail. 


Some parents are beginning reading instruction this year. Others are simply learning the alphabet.  As a group, we will learn letter recognition in a gentle way and keep an "Alphabet book" to record the letters and words we recognize. For those that want to teach reading this year:  Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons is popular

**Other resources will be added to alphabet instruction but we are not using a formal reading curriculum in keeping with an informal year.  We will, however, pursue letter recognition and encounter simple words**

Composer Study

To study composers in an informal way is simple.  We will listen to composers during art time.  I have noticed if you play a certain composer for a full 3 weeks as background music, your children will become acquainted with his style and easily pick out his styles among all the rest.  No book is needed for composer study.  I have found all we need for free on youtube and a few other sites. Composer flashcards are included in the curriculum download. 

everyday graces.jpg


Discovering Great Artists is an amazing book! Each week your child will practice an art technique like a great artist.  I have used this book in a classroom and at home...I love all the impressive art projects and skills practiced. 

The Winnie the Pooh Cookbook is a cute/fun way to make a weekly recipe together.  Since we are reading  The Winnie The Pooh Book this year, I thought this would go perfectly together! 

Final Note:

All of these book suggestions can be purchased for rented at the library and some are in the public domain.  You do not have to purchase every book at once.  

I believe it is important to build a home library, this booklist will give you a wonderful start!  

The Enchanted Kindergarten Download is a guide for ALL of these books

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